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A Dish Best Served Cold by mistress lynn NC17
Someone is out to get Hermione. Draco gets caught in the middle, and doesn't...



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Granger Enchanted welcomes you to the first and only Australian and Worldwide Hermione/Malfoy Family Centric Fan Fiction Archive. We only accept stories where Hermione Granger/Malfoy is the main pairing. We allow all ratings, genres and all characters (besides Twilight) are welcome.

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For the steamy month of July, we will celebrate Dramione at it's finest. Each week there will be new stories featured to remind us just why we are obsessed with this pairing to start with.

Check out these stories, enjoy the reading and leave a little review love for our amazing authors!


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Odds and Ends

DHLane, krazyredhead0317, and I would like to thank everyone for participating in the Beltane Drabble Wars at GE and the Manor in April. The goals were to have fun, provide a challenge for interested authors, and to encourage participation and communication through not only the main sites, but also...

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Second Place by MistressMalfoy NC17
Would she always be destined for the consolation prize?
A Licentious Proposition by WillowFaerie NC17
Rich and powerful playboy, Draco Malfoy, manages to connive Hermione Granger into being his sex slave for one month.
Arrogance and Ignorance by AnneM M15
Set in the Regency era, Hermione Granger is ignorant to the class system of the magical world. As a Muggle-born, who was raised in a Muggle world, she was never made to feel inferior, that is, until she moved with her cousin, Harry Potter, to Godric's Hollow. Here, in this magical community, she...
01:15 by Nathaniel Cardeu M15
They swore it was over… but in the dark, loneliness of the night, resolve is a strange thing…
Butterfly Effect by Shalimarfire R
    “Your actions here today are grounds for having you arrested, Miss Granger.  Perhaps, you would like to be seen before this body on trial for crimes against Wizarding Britain?”  It was more a statement than a question, and they both knew it, but Hermione chose to...
They All Taste the Same by mistress lynn NC17
Draco has always wanted Hermione, but a recent change has him wanting her even more.
One or More by Mihnn R
Draco's birthday wasn't supposed to be a memorable one, but it was. Now all he had to do was to get the witch he spent it with to admit that it was memorable too. Easy, right? - Written for Strawberry Kait for Dramione Duet 2011Banner by littlemissy @ TDA
Summer Rain by Savva M15
Peculiar things can happen during summer rains. Collection of Dramione drabbles.
The Trouble with Orchids by Misdemeanor1331 R
Everybody calls him Squid, and he has but one mission: destroy the Malfoy family. No one can take it from him – not the MLE, not Granger, and certainly not the ferret himself. However, they are welcome to try.
Aboard the Orient Express by Meiri R
A couple of chance encounters lead to something Hermione never could have imagined.

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