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Draco asks Hermione for a favor; to go on a date with his father. What was suppose...



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GE Has Returned!

Hello everyone,

GE has resumed regular operation. Admin have resumed posting the exchange stories, for those of you who have been waiting eagerly to read them.

Thank you for your support and patience.

~Manor Admin Team

--Meiri on 14/07/2015 10:18 AM 0 Comments--

GE Site Errors

Hello everyone,

Our admin team is aware of the issues with loading Enchant and Owl Post. So far (*knocks on wood*), Malfoy Manor seems to be unaffected. I apologise for not posting an update here for you sooner.

Our fearless leader, Mistress Malfoy, has submitted a support ticket...

--Meiri on 10/07/2015 11:04 AM 1 Comments--


11/21/15 02:51 pm
not sure who to inform or how to do it. really miss my granger enchanted. if someone knows please spread the word so we can find out what's wrong and get it fixed. thanks
11/21/15 01:35 am
I've also gotten a fatal MySQL error for the past 2 days on granger enchanted.
11/20/15 09:32 pm
A fatal MySQL error was encountered. Everytime I try to view anything other than the front page :(
11/20/15 08:19 pm
for the last two days I keep getting a fatal error message on granger enchanted. has anyone else had this problem.
07/10/15 10:38 pm
I cant find how to get to stories on live journal do i have to create an account to see them? I hope GE gets up and runnin again..i love that site and so many favorite stories i read over and over
07/10/15 04:41 pm
Thanks for the update. I don't know how to get on facebook or the livejournal but I'll try the links maybe I can figure it out.
07/10/15 04:31 pm
Thanks for the update. I don't know how to get on facebook or the livejournal but I'll try the links maybe I can figure it out.
07/10/15 10:53 am
Updates are posted more regularly on our Facebook page. Stories for the GE exchange are being posted to our LiveJournal community page. The links in the sidebar work. :)
07/10/15 10:52 am
dianm, spike, GENESIS: GE and Owl Post are experiencing database errors. Mistress Malfoy has submitted a support ticket and we are in a long queue, waiting for resolution.
07/09/15 11:39 pm
I cannot access the "enchant" one. It keeps read: "A fatal MySQL error was encountered."