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Sequence by artemisgoddess R
A misspoken mistake transports Hermione through time, binding her to the Malfoy...



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Call to Arms - Betas

Over the next three weekends, our Beltane warriors will need some assistance polishing their drabble entries in time for the Sunday evening deadlines for the Beltane Drabble Wars. If you are a beta, please consider showing participating authors your support.

Authors and betas alike: please...

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Beltane Drabble War

Beltane Drabble War

Stories should be no shorter than 100...

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Brilliant Deduction by DHLane R
I wrote this little bit of something for Granger Enchanted Forum Weekend Prompts. The prompt was given by the always 'bunniful" Meiri. lol.Hermione is shopping for something fancy to wear to a gala. While in the change room she has an accident. What disasters befall? Anyone coming to the rescue? 
Rain Magic by DHLane M15
While on a ramble through the countryside, Draco ponders the changes that have occurred in his life, as well as, the good fortune that allows him such a delightful companion.Huge FLUFF warning!!
Wind Magic by DHLane R
This was written for the Malfoy Manor One-Shot Weeklies. Mistress Malfoy gave the prompt:The wind revealed more than her inability to wear sexy knickers . . . . Hermione is fed up and left Draco. He follows and tries to charm her. Can he do it?
Earth Magic by DHLane M15
Written for the Malfoy Manor Weekly One-Shot Challenge, the prompt was offered by Mistress Malfoy:What an awful time for her spell to turn to dust . . . . Hermione finds herself trapped and bound in a cave. What must she do in order to leave this place? Who must she do it with? *arches eyebrow and...
Fire Magic by DHLane M15
Written for Malfoy Manor One-Shot Weeklies. The prompt was given by Mistress Malfoy. A wicked little prompt it is too. i have written two stories for this one but am submitting the one that has been beta'ed only. lol. Rules, you know. Prompt: After all the good deeds she had done, Hermione tried...
Third Time's The Charm by DHLane R
Hermione has a horrid taste in men and her friend, Draco Malfoy thinks he can help her with this problem.
You Make Me Want To . . . . by DHLane NC17
Hermione is firing off hexes in Malfoy's direction but what could the pureblood have done to make her so bonkers?
Beltane Booty Call by DHLane R
Written for Beltane Drabble War - Draco finds something Hermione had been attempting to keep secret. What happens when he finds out her secret? 
In the End: For Darkrivertempest by DHLane NC17
This is a backwards view of the “It’s A Wonderful Life” trope. Lucius Malfoy has always been a good pureblood and a loyal Deatheater but what kind of father was he?

04/24/14 06:15 pm
I read, reviewed and voted at both GE Live Journal and also at Malfoy Manor Live Journal. Did you? :D
04/22/14 10:53 pm
If you haven't yet, read and review the Beltane Drabble Wars entries, then head to the gemalfoymanor LJ comm to cast your vote!
04/22/14 04:28 pm
Ahhh, Darkrivertempest. You are so good to me. I am thrilled you liked it! (((DRT)))
04/22/14 11:55 am
Darling, you had NOTHING to worry about. It was fabulous, as I knew it would be! Thank you again - you are marvelous! *glomps*
04/21/14 11:56 pm
I hope you like it, bebe. *nibbles nails*
04/21/14 07:32 am
Kel, THANK YOU so very much for my lovely Easter gift! ;) I can't wait to properly sit down and read it! *squee!*
04/20/14 08:15 am
HAPPY EASTER to all!! May the bunny bring chocolate!
04/20/14 01:59 am
I like that. *happily joins the M.A.S.*
04/19/14 11:40 pm
That we are, Kel, that we are. :*
04/19/14 09:06 pm
You guys are so sweet to me. I loved your drabbles. We are a mutual admiration society. :D