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Honour Amongst Thieves by MistressMalfoy NC17
In the depths of the darkest of nights, they would retain their honour, for...



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Granger Enchanted welcomes you to the first and only Australian and Worldwide Hermione/Malfoy Family Centric Fan Fiction Archive. We only accept stories where Hermione Granger/Malfoy is the main pairing. We allow all ratings, genres and all characters (besides Twilight) are welcome.

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For the steamy month of July, we will celebrate Dramione at it's finest. Each week there will be new stories featured to remind us just why we are obsessed with this pairing to start with.

Check out these stories, enjoy the reading and leave a little review love for our amazing authors!


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Odds and Ends

DHLane, krazyredhead0317, and I would like to thank everyone for participating in the Beltane Drabble Wars at GE and the Manor in April. The goals were to have fun, provide a challenge for interested authors, and to encourage participation and communication through not only the main sites, but also...

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Because Everyone Needs Friends by MistressMalfoy NC17
All he wanted was someone of his own, to call friend.
Eight and Eighth by Marmalade Fever PG13
Up from the ashes of seventh year grow the roses of the eighth. Eight students return for their final year at Hogwarts, and Hermione Granger would never have thought Draco Malfoy would or could be one of those roses.
One In A Million by Imtrouble NC17
Draco Malfoy's story of love...  
All's Fair by Marmalade Fever PG13
Blood warms the heart in love and runs freely in war, and all is fair either way.
Woman's Magic by blue artemis R
Hermione finds a way to cleanse the dark wards at Malfoy Manor and helps redeem the entire family.
Do You See Me? Do You Know Me? Do You Want Me? Do You Love Me? by margaritama PG13
Someone is sending Hermione strange missives and packages.
01:15 by Nathaniel Cardeu M15
They swore it was over… but in the dark, loneliness of the night, resolve is a strange thing…
The Thing About Biscuits by eilonwy M15
Hermione and Draco discover that the road to the heart can begin with something as ordinary as biscuits.Written for the 2013 D/Hr Advent Calendar. My prompt, not surprisingly, was biscuits.
Ob La Di by DHLane PG13
Hermione knows what it is like to dance around the bonfires of Beltane and leave that place alone and untouched. What she doesn't know is what the sacred circle looks like in the light of day. What does this witch discover about destiny and deep magic? Read to find out. xoxoKel

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